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Concert Review - Borrowed

            On Thursday, February 26, 2015 I attended my first classical concert in 5 years. This concert was performed by the CSU honors band at the Griffin Concert Hall at the UCA. The concert, titled ' 'Borrowed'', included five pieces written by modern composers of the 20th and 21st century. Generally when I hear of a classical concert I immediately assume the music that is being played is music written by composers from the Baroque era or Classical era. "Borrowed" has introduced an unfamiliar branch of composers, new style of music, and an overall a sense of insight to classical music. "Niagara Falls" by Michael Daugherty, "The Avatar" by Dana Wilson, "Fanfare" by Paul Dukas, "The Engulfed Cathedral" by Claude Debussy, and "From the Shaken Tower" by James David are all pieces that were performed at the concert that night. Despite these pieces having separate themes and backgrounds they all seemed to mesh with the mixed feelings the snowy weather had invoked that night.
             "Niagara Falls", written by Michael Daugherty, is a buoyant type piece of music that immediately transitions any audience into a cheerful ambiance. This piece was the intro that was played that night and it had a lustrous effect on the rather small but patient audience present. The brightness of the brass section in conjunction with the percussion's cymbals and snare at the start of "Niagara Falls" filled the small auditorium with feelings of excitement. The composer Michael Daugherty describes the piece as a "ride over the Niagara Falls", which I think accurately matches the feeling of being there. After the woodwinds had joined in I felt like the booming percussion and brass section were taking a short break from the excitement and a small moment was taken to enjoy the view of Niagara falls. After this brisk moment of ease the rest of the band regroups and continues on the festivity of the Niagara Falls until the song comes to an end.

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