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             Imagine how our lives would be without computers. Computers are everywhere, from your cell phone to your TV set in your living room. Computers are becoming an essential to our life. But I'll tell you about the basics of your usage in computers. Computers are very convenient and have practical usages, such as helping us build our knowledge, provide us with entertainment, help us keep in touch with friends and family, and let us make new friends.
             First of all, computers help us build our knowledge in many ways, here are a few examples. You can visit many charged or non-charged sites on the internet to see educational medias, or visit university sites. Or you can make a site yourself and share information. You do not have to be skilled to make a site, these days there are many sites that borrow you, an all made up site. There are sites that teachers run to help students. While doing school work computers can also help you organize all your information.
             The second reason is you can entertain yourself. You can watch movies, by downloading it or by buying a DVD. You can read movie reviews when you can not make up you mind. You can even reserve seats for concerts, plays, and movies. You can also listen to music and watch music videos. If you have a favorite singer and you want to know more about, you can find it on the internet. Learning about different kinds of genre is another thing you may do. In addition, if you have missed a favorite TV show of yours, you can visit the internet.
             Now a days everyone seems to be busy, and you can easily lose contact with friends and family. You can write a thank you letter to your family and friends or reassure them that you love them. Writing a letter may take a couple of days, but writing an e-mail, it only takes seconds. That way you can also keep in touch with long distance friends and family.
             Last, you can make new friends by making pen pals.

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