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Bushfires in Australia

            A bushfire is a fire burning out of control in the open. Bushfires can burn using grass, scrub or forest or a combination of these for fuel. Unless quickly controlled, bush fires can become large, spreading to affect forests, wildlife, crops houses and other buildings, and human life. Bushfires are a frequent occurrence in Australia in the hotter seasons due to Australia's mostly hot and dry climate.
             What Causes Bushfires?.
             Bushfires are one of the most destructive forces of nature. The presence of fuel, oxygen and ignition source are the basic factors, which determine whether a bushfire will occur, or not. Even though bushfires occur naturally such as lightning and heat, many bushfires are started by human activity. These include cigarette buts, matches, glass bottles and machinery. Even if there were no human incidents, bushfires would still be started by lightning, as they were for many years before the arrival of humans on the Australian continent.
             There are Two Main Types of Bushfires.
             Surface fires are low to high intensity fires that burn on the surface on the ground. The tree canopy may be scorched but does not burn to the extent that it will carry a fire. Crown bushfires occur when heat and flames from a surface fire ignite the crowns of trees. Crown fires spread rapidly if there are strong, hot winds and very dry vegetation. The influence of wind is greater in the tree canopy and where this canopy is interconnected or continuous, fires can spread incredibly quickly. .
             Where do bushfires occur?.
             Australia has a generally hot and dry climate, which is prone to drought. Some parts of Australia are prone to bushfires with the widely varied fire seasons reflected in the continent different weather patterns. Arid areas tend not to have enough fuel to sustain fires for any length of time. Southeastern Australia is particularly subject to bushfires in the summer and autumn seasons. For New South Wales and Southern Queensland, the risk occurs in spring and early summer.

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