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Relationships and Intimacy

            Every relationship starts differently, but there are certain techniques that should be considered in order to build a happy, healthy relationship. Some of the most important parameters are communicating with each other, being sexually active, arguing, and keep your partner purposefully wanting more of your presence. Most relationships come to a fall because there is not enough communication. As many people receive more experience with relationships, they learn that communication is key to eradicating problems between both partners (Gottman). Communicating is not just telling your partner the minor things that happened in your day, but the activities that had an impact on you and the opinions you have about it. Communicating this way is another practice of getting to know your partner and his or her opinions. Another important key to remember is to actually listen to your partner when they are talking to show that you are listening and care enough to hear their opinions about significant events that happened within their day. .
             Intimacy is very important to a relationship, but because our modern day culture is changing into couples being intimate on a daily basis rather then waiting until marriage to do so, its causing a higher divorce rate because intimate relationships and love relationships are very different. Intimate relationships lack the feeling of comfort and safety, but engage in emotional and physically closeness (Gordon). Marriages and relationships lasted longer in the past because most religions forced their children to save themselves until marriage and this created a sense of safety and comfort when they came home to their partner. Unlike an intimate relationship, were one person calls the other for a "booty call." Many relationships are trapped within our culture's ideas of a good relationship, which causes thoughts of failure because one didn't meet their society's standards (Kipnis 363).

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