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America and World War II

            Before America decided to join World War II, American ideas were harsh. Americans were isolated instead of being involved, like we are today. Most Americans opposed joining the war and even to help any other countries who were in the war On December 7, 1941 is the day that changed America's isolated thoughts and will always be remembered as "the date which will live in infamy" (History.com) said by President Franklin Roosevelt. Japan bombed the United States in a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. The attack had many casualties and Americans were consumed with rage and grief. This tragedy swallowed the hearts of Americans as they looked to President Roosevelt for his bravery and strength to declare war against Japan. The Pearl Harbor attack will forever be an unforgettable day in American history. Pearl Harbor was the reason the United States put their contribution in on World War II. .
             The war put America on the fast track to rebuilding their fallen economy. This war was going to take lots of man power and funding. The first thing President Roosevelt put into action was the nation's first peacetime military draft. By December 1941 America's military had grown to almost 2.2 million soldiers. ( NWWIIM) By America joining the war it kicked stated their economy. Jobs were created for men and women, factories needed help building war supplies, women were needed in the health care field, and the draft created more than 20 million new jobs. (NWWIIM) .
             All men from 18-64 were required to sign up for the draft in 1942. The draft board would go through each citizens "profile" and would take into consideration their job, their health, and their families before drafting them to the war. The draft board was composed of citizens from different communities so no one could be biased. Once a man was chosen from the draft they were required to report for physical and psychiatric examination.

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