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The Inner Journey of Great Expectations

            The decisions you make in life are based on previous losses and gains that you faced throughout the corse of an inner journey. These challenges or victories can have either positive or negative outcomes, however every event that occurs is followed by a learning experience. The characters in Great Expectations all go on a journey that defines them. Abel Magwitch and Mis Havisham are two central characters that go through major Inner journeys.
             These characters have both been betrayed and have suffered losses because of the way they have been treated. Abel Magwitch put his trust into Compeyson ( a good looking gentleman) when they agreed to commit a crime together. He is unaware that Compeyson was just using him to execute the crime and that the blame would be placed entirely on him. Both men were arrested and had to stand trial however the judge made his decision based on Compeyson's refined and well-bred exterior giving Magwitch a much heavier imprisonment. The unfairness of a class based justice system turned him into a criminal. His low social class allows others to treat him as an object and not as a human. Magwitch has been so victimised by society that he has lost all self worth and is unable to identify himself as anything other than his criminal status. Criminals are owned by the state and the society. This strips his sense of self and he becomes someone without an identity. Magwitch has never been given a fair chance at life and now that he is imprisoned, his freedom has been completely taken away. Depriving him of basic human rights has turned him into bitter man with lots of anger towards the world. This anger is what drives him to escape and to attempt to kill Compeyson because he knows that he deserves better. .
             The actions of one person can severely affect another persons life. Compeyson is a character that ruined Magwitch's and Miss Havisham's life. Mrs Havisham's life has been defined by the action of Compeyson leaving her at the alter.

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