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Documentary - Bowling for Columbine

            On April 20, 1999, many people's lives drastically changed. An incident that occurred in Littleton, Colorado created a jaw dropping event that disrupted all of America. It also stopped Michael Moore right in his tracks. Not long after the incident, Michael Moore decided to make a documentary called "Bowling for Columbine," a film that acknowledged many important points that are usually ignored and overlooked. This documentary focused on a school shooting that never should have happened. This tragic incident lead Moore to ponder many questions and create an extremely interesting documentary.
             Michael Moore has been in the film industry for quite some time. He is created numerous documentaries that have received a large amount of public attention. He is also a filmmaker, author and political activist that not only knows how to work a camera, but also an audience. In his documentary "Bowling for Columbine", Moore uses facts, interviews, and personal stories to really get the viewers undivided attention. He also uses multiple statistics to prove his points throughout the documentary. "Bowling for Columbine" not only touched the hearts of many Americans, but also created an argument for several businesses and associations that were involved. .
             What is important to mention is Moore makes very good points in this film. First, while interviewing James Nichols, brother of Terry Nichols who was an accomplice to the Oklahoma City bombing, together questioned the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution. He questions what exactly is "arms" He asks Nichols whether he should be allowed to have "weapons grade plutonium" in his possession because the Constitution says so(Columbine et al., 2015)? At another point in the movie, Moore also makes some very good points when he talks about what many people say about the reasoning for gun violence. He relays the idea that people say poverty is the cause but challenges that idea with Canada having a higher unemployment rate than the United States.

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