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Canadian Oil Sand - Money Over Matter

            In today's society, the possibility for accomplishment within lots of our industries and business' rely on the well-being and doing of the Canadian Oil Sands. It's rural locations throughout Alberta give it lots of spacious areas so they can mine all the oil they need to. The Oil Sands brings in thousands of people from all over the world as their business is booming and puts a good dollar figure in the employees pockets. Being involved in this business however, displays several pros and cons as we will explore. .
             First and foremost, the Oil Sands provides a plentiful number of jobs for people. This is the magnet to gathering individuals from all over the world, as in many other locations a good line of work is hard to find. Smaller occupations are available but not all will support them, along with their families. People are struggling to make day to day ends meet, and here in this Alberta Oil Sands industry, the opportunities here are much greater than elsewhere in Canada for example, or in the world for that matter. While bringing in a large number of people, this means that more houses and places for living will be needed due to a vast population increase. Thus resulting in the raising of prices for things we humans need and want in life as the money being made here is extensive. With a community known for it's high salaries and commission rates, comes with strings attached. .
             In having all this money in one's possession, it can be easy to take an advantage of the situation. Some take the money and use it for necessities, others may take another path and will abuse it. This could entail alcohol or drugs which can result in an unhealthy addiction. Having the mines located just outside of towns, they will have a camp site stationed for the workers to stay as the drives are usually long back into town. The location of the Oil Sands isolates them from lots of people within their community, thus cutting off a lot of communication and socializing.

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