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The Virginia and Plymouth Settlements

            The early settlements of Plymouth, Massachusetts and Virginia were both colonies were originally established and founded by an extremely similar group of people; however both the Plymouth's and Virginia's colony beginnings differed, as well as views on religion, and means of economic stability created two different systems within politics and economics. Both the colonies Virginia and Plymouth were apparently established around the same time but the groups that established them were so different it made the way that they were established tremendously different from each other. A major difference was that Virginia had to go through trial and error when it came to establishing their colony. Virginia had many failures and close calls in the process. While Plymouth made smart decisions regarding food and planning making their first attempt successful. Another thing that made Plymouth more successful in establishing their colony was the leadership they had. Virginia didn't have good leadership until John Smith leading to failure, while Plymouth had John Winthrop who successfully developed the settlement on the first try with a well thought out society based on a set of ideals making life easy to follow. Virginia people tended to be lazy and rely on the natives, while Plymouth had hardworking Puritans who did not have as many problems with the natives while establishing the colony. The differences in the settlements beginning were not the only thing that divided the two colonies, Plymouth and Virginia's different views regarding religion helped to shape the economy of both settlements.
             The Virginia and Plymouth colonies both knew that they would need to have a well built foundation for their economic system, but their views on religion versus profit differed resulted in different systems. Based on their religions and the way they believed what right and wrong within the profits they make is what created two completely different economic systems.

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