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Causal Factors of the Reformation

            The Renaissance was a period around the 14th and 15th century in which there was a great desire for knowledge and understanding, due to the influences of concepts such as humanism and individualism that lead to great advancements in a number of diverse areas. A main motivation for the movement is the concept of humanism, a belief that as humans, anything is possible. The Reformation is a 16th century upheaval that caused the Catholic Church to splinter, and Europe to be divided religiously, losing the religious unity in Europe. There are many causes of Reformation, such as the corruption of the Catholic Church, monarch's political motivations, and the Renaissance. However, I believe that the Renaissance played a major and vital role on the Reformation and without it, the Reformation would probably not be possible.
             The Renaissance is a period of time in which the European civilization had a great desire for knowledge and understanding. It was also a time of the revival of classical texts due to a surge of interest in classical learning and values. The rediscovery of ancient knowledge lead to the celebration of man's achievements and a rediscovery of knowledge. There were also exploration and Interaction with other civilizations. All these led to a belief that as humans, anything is possible, and this is the concept of humanism. During the Reformation, many of the peoples' call for reformation are based on often based on and inspired by humanist textual criticism of the New Testament. An example would be Martin Luther's 95 theses. On October 1517, Luther published the 95 theses, in which challenged papal authority and criticized its perceived corruption, particularly with regard to instances of sold indulgences. It also states that the Pope was false authority and all people within the faith are equal. Most of this is due to the new learning of the Renaissance, which questioned much traditional thought.

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