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Overview of Savant Syndrome

            Savant syndrome is an uncommon disorder which involves a person that has mental illnesses or disabilities that also has an autistic condition. In having this serious condition, they are able to obtain certain wonderful qualities on an individual scale. Savant skills rely on huge memory stores and one in about ten people with the syndrome have extraordinary degrees that involve an amazing skill. In choosing to investigate savant syndrome I wanted to discover why people's memory stores are so remarkably big and if they have deficiencies in any other areas of their body's process like social skills (Treffert.).To have Autism means the brain doesn't function like the average human brain due to nerve cells being dysfunctional. This is a serious disability and is found in one of every five hundred people. The condition of autistic savants, means the aptitude and cleverness levels are lowered in a person. Therefore social contact abilities with people and messages through communication (orally and non-orally) are downfalls for the sufferer. .
             At least a century ago savant syndrome was first founded in Germany. (Wisconsinmedicalsociety.org) Today the number of men with the syndrome dominate the number of women with it, this is because in the process of the development of a humans right side of the brain develops before the left. This means the left side of the brain has more chance of damage, males have more chance in this damage as high amounts of testosterone in their can spread around the body causing neuronal disorders because of the left side being unprotected and not fully formed from a young age. Analysing the male to female ratio of this disease also is shown common in other conditions because of the left side of the brain being exposed to flowing testosterone around the males body (Discoblog). The people with this disease are mentally disabled and even though the syndrome has been around for many years now, research is still undertaken to improve the people's quality of life as the people lack skills of normality of an average human.

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