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Ashley Madison - A Threat to Married Life

            "I wish I had the powers to ignore you like you ignore me". This is a very simple yet a very powerful quote which defines the lives of many couples. After a certain point of married life, the partners are not able to spend much time with one another and express oneself clearly thereby leading to differences in their relationship. Just like the matrimonial sites, we now have a 'married couple dating' site called 'Ashley Madison'. Ashley Madison is a Canada based online dating service marketed to people who are married. This site provides a perfect platform for married couples to have illicit relationship with any random person they desire. This website also has a very interesting tagline stating 'Life is short, Lets have an affair' which in every sense is controversial and not acceptable in our Indian tradition. .
             This dating site has become very popular in many of the major countries of the world including our subcontinent. People from small town and cities are major active participants of this site. According to Journal of Couples and Relationship, nearly 50% of married women and 60% of married men have an extramarital affair at some point of their marriage. As the world is developing, the very essence of is deteriorating. Nowadays, extramarital affairs have become very common in our society. We often get to hear a wife cheating on her husband or vice versa which was so not the case even a decade back. Some people also consider marriage as a key to financial security where once committed, the partner gets all the right to exploit its better half without being questioned. As given in the following hypothetical situation where a woman gets married to a man only to acquire his wealth and is later discovered that she had an illicit relationship and was only using her husband as a monetary source.
             Members of this site have a common misconception about not being able to spend an entire life with one person as they feel life becomes too boring and changes are a must.

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