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Opposing Views on Abortion

            Abortion is a very biased topic that many people shy away from because there will always be a difference of opinions due to the severity of this issue. Abortion is defined as the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, most often performed during the first 28 weeks of pregnancy. This is such a hot topic because there is an innocent being and terrified mother hanging in the balance of the madness. The biggest question that separates the world when in it comes to abortion is, does life begin at conception or after birth? Roe v Wade is the court case that made the issue Pro Life or Pro-Choice and with this case it brings the question of how does one truly decide.
             Pro-Choice means that one supports the woman in her decision to choose simply because it is her body. Pro-Choice supporters view the unborn baby as an undeveloped human being that has not yet taken its 1st breath. Roe v Wade is the court case that would change the way women view their options when it comes to their bodies. Pro- Choice gives all women the right to choose what they want to have done to their bodies. Supporters believe that no matter the circumstances the woman always has the right to choose, but if a life is a life are supporters of pro-life making the wrong decision? Are there certain instances where abortion the only option? A woman is walking home one evening, she is grabbed by a random man and without any remorse he rapes her with no regard for what will happen to her afterwards, 10 weeks later she finds out she is pregnant, she doesn't have many options besides adoption, keeping the child and abortion. .

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