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             It takes place during the afternoon day on college campus. Erica and Lisa are leaving from their African Studies class. As they"re leaving Erica asks Lisa how is she going to study for the test in a couple of weeks? Lisa replies, "I don't know I've had a lot on my mind lately". Erica replies sarcastically, "What's on your mind besides Kevin and this test coming up". While walking in the hallway Lisa gives Erica a look of disappointment as if she has something on her mind. Erica after noticing responds "Is their something wrong with you and Kevin". Lisa says nothing, but instead changes the subject to her and Erica and how they going prepare for the test. Erica says, "How about we meet at the library later on tonight and review for the test". Lisa replies, "I've got an appointment in couple of hours, so how about we meet at the library around 7:30 p.m.". Erica responds saying that's fine and I"ll see you at the library later on.
             Erica arrives first waiting for Lisa to arrive. A half-hour passes by and Erica has called Lisa cell phone at least three times now and no response. Lisa finally arrives a thirty-five minutes later apologizing for showing up so late. Erica says, "Don't worry about it is everything o.k." Lisa looks Erica right in her eyes and starts crying, as people in the library start looking. Erica guides Lisa to the hallway saying, "Why are you crying baby, tell me what's wrong". Lisa says, "I"m pregnant and I don't know what to do? What should I do?" Erica replies, "I think you should have an abortion". Lisa calms down and ask why? Erica says, "Lisa your still young and in college, that's a lot for a young mother". .
             The problem that has been given in this issue is a sign of ambiguous. Ambiguous states that, "audience is unsure about what is at issue; or issue is partly honorable and partly difficult" (p.202, Ancient Rhetoric's, Crowley & Hawhee). Erica seems confused about Lisa's situation concerning the baby.

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