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Characters in The Book Thief

            "Heil Hitler!", a chant that has been really familiar in Nazi Germany a long time ago. As we heard the name of Hitler, it reminds us to Adolf Hitler, a dictator of Nazi Germany. He was known as the start of World War II and his cruel action that led to a genocide during World War II, The Holocaust. The Holocaust constitutes the deadliest conflict in human history. The Nazi Party was abusing the human rights and their freedom just to satisfy their desires. The victims were not just the Jews but the other ethnics as well. A book can remind us to the life in World War II and also The Holocaust. The book has been rewarded by numerous awards, "The Book Thief". "The Book Thief" has been written by Markus Zusak, an Australian author. This book tells us about the life of a nine years-old girl living in Germany during World War II. This book also tells us about the struggle and suffering of the girl as a main character and also the other characters as well.
             As a main character, there must be a lot of struggle that she has to face on. Liesel Meminger, she has been adopted by her foster parents, Hans and Rosa Hubermann. She was adopted with her little brother, Werner, because their mother gave them up. On the way to Molching, where their foster parents lived, her brother has been took away by Death. She had a hard time to cope with her brother's death and her new family by herself. She always been haunted by her nightmare of her brother's death that made her hard to accept her brother's death. Rosa Hubermann, her foster mother gave a hard time to Liesel by scolding her because of her lack in many things. She also called Liesel with an inappropriate name, "Saumensch", which means female pig. Gladly, she does not have to worry a lot because Hans, her foster father always helped her to cope with those stresses. She also had a hard time because of her illiteracy. She could not really understand, speak and read when she first attended the Hitler Youth.

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