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A Perfect Bond Destroyed

            I've never understood how a mother's bond with a stranger could be stronger than the bond she has with her own daughter. A bond is a soul-to-soul connection with someone you love. A bond is developed over time, so in order to have a successful bond, one must have patience. A bond is an imprint of unconditional love left on one's soul. A bond is divine and delicate, and it should not be taken for granted. Bonding is important because it adds value and a sense of respect to your life. It also gives you an idea of what nonjudgmental and unconditional love is. A parent's bond with her child should be strong and unbreakable. This shows the child that the parent loves and cares for her, so that the child feels safe. My mother divorced my father when I was two years old. Two years later, shortly after my fourth birthday, she married a man named Joey. Immediately after the divorce of my parents, the safe matrix I had once known was destroyed. The unbreakable bond I once had with my mother was demolished as soon as she changed and began to put her husband's needs, desires, and feelings far in front of mine. .
             To begin, over the last two years, I have become much more aware of how the bonding process between my mother and me has changed. The bonding process between a mother of father and their child should be consistent and stable throughout the child's lifetime. My mother loves my half-brother, my step brother, and me unconditionally. The relationship I had with my mother up until my sixteenth birthday was the strongest bond I have ever had with another human being. She has always been a kindhearted woman. My mother is a God-fearing Christian and I look up to her tremendously. The fact that my mother shows all of these positive characteristics makes me feel confused because of the way she acts towards me when her husband is present. It's almost as if she's been brainwashed into agreeing with everything he says; that is the conclusion I come to every time and it's terrifying.

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