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Painting Overview - American Gothic

            The artwork I choose is a famous painting called American Gothic. American Gothic was created in 1930 by Grant Wood, yet is still shown all around the world today. The painting is located in the Art Institute of Chicago. With the simplicity that comes across at first glance, there is always a deeper meaning. The whole painting itself contains a man and a woman, older in ages, who are standing in front of a house with a barn next to it. The man and woman take up most of the painting with just a glimpse of the house and barn in the back. They are standing fairly near one another making it appear like they are familiar with each other. American Gothic displays modern colors with no use of abstraction. The lines utilized are basic and easy to see, almost like it was a photograph. You can assume the time period by observing their clothing. The woman is dressed in modest black and brown attire while the man is clothed in denim overalls and a black jacket. The man is posing with a pitchfork in his hand, showing the observer that they live on a farm, although the pitchfork could also lead to other assumptions. The painting takes place during the day, seeing that it is light out, with no clouds in the sky.
             Because the picture is so simplistic, it is very symmetrical. The dull and effortless color scheme gives the painting a quiet balance. I believe the artist chose these colors and shades to show the innocence of the scenery. The painting could also be interpreted differently by being so diverse. American Gothic does not show any repetition being that it is so straightforward. The foreground shown is the man and woman while the middle ground is the house and barn. Behind the house is the background where trees are displayed. The mood of this painting is dull and serious. The message I received was that they were a middle or lower class family working. The painting gives off a worried and stressful feel although that was not the author's tone.

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