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Media-Effects Research Study

             In carrying out research based on the media, such as the effects of mass media, the social media, and the various ways that they may be affected; various approaches have proven very instrumental. Some of the techniques that researchers have applied include; surveys, laboratory experiments, content analysis, observations, field experiments, and panels. The approach will mainly influence the outcome, though; all are the same. Either way, the main determinant of the success of a research is the reliability and accuracy of the findings of the research. For the purpose of this research, the researcher used the survey method, which entailed the use of questionnaires. The respondents were mainly students from the University of Liberty. The main reason for selecting the university was its background, which emphasizes on Christian morals and values. As such, the belief was that the students would take a very neutral ground as not to provide irrelevant answers because of having some alignment of a kind (Bringham, 2010). .
             The very first question aimed to establish the viewing habits that the respondents had. In order to come up with this, questions such as, how many movies they watched per month, how often the movies they watched contained sexual elements, violence, profanity, and obscenity. Based on their level of acquaintance with the movies, it was believed that the respondents were in a better place to know how much the movies could or could not influence the viewers. The next question was aimed at coming up with the idea that the respondents had with respect to the level the movies influenced them (Bringham, 2010). Such questions include the effects that the movies had on their morals, self-esteem, or values. The questions here allowed the answering on a scale of one to five, one being the most positive and, five the most negative. In addition, they were requested to imagine themselves coming up with a production and the kinds of things that they could include or not.

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