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The Voyage of a Fortunate Soccer Player

            Music has always played a significant part of my life. I played flute and piano throughout my high school years and was a member of the Junior Choir and Orchestra at McNeil High School, but we never know where life will take us. It took me years to realize that playing an instrument wasn't really my passion. I felt like something was missing in my life. Therefore, I pleaded with my parents to let me quit because I didn't want to waste any more time. They had encouraged me over the months to pick up the instruments again, but I always protested that I didn't have time, nor an ear for music. It was not long until my father took me to register for soccer at our church camp. Noticing myself as inexperienced in any type of sports, I decided that maybe I should try something new for once. Therefore, I was able to be part of my high school soccer team, McNeil Mavericks. Soon, I was proficient that I joined the discourse community of Mavericks Soccer by demonstrating my commitment as a team player, depicting on my knowledge and techniques, and making friendly members of the soccer community.
             It all started my freshman year of high school. Incoming freshman really looked up to the upper-class-men. We wanted to be part of them. Like any other kind of sports team, the freshman always had to handle all of the dirty work. When it came to picking up trash, gathering all the balls, bringing out the waters, they were all responsibilities that we had according to the upper-class-men. If the team was in trouble it was the freshmen's fault. I guess this was kind of like a test to prove how much we were really committed to being part of the team. A member of a discourse community must learn to appeal to the emotions and values of other members of the community. There was so much talent in the program that the coaches really didn't know who to put on varsity. In soccer we must be able to communicate with not only one, but with all of our team mates.

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