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Nutrition for Soccer Players

             Athletes invest a lot of time and effort in training. Because they are often seeking ways to modify their diets to improve their performances, athletes make easy targets for purveyors of nutrition misinformation. Still, most athletes don't want to miss out on any advantage, whether real or perceived, that might give them the winning edge.
             Although good eating habits can't substitute for physical training and genetic endowment, proper diet choices are crucial to top-notch performance, contributing to endurance and helping speed the repair of injured tissues (Gordon, M., 2002, p.562). .
             In this project, I will attempt to show readers the various aspects of playing professional soccer. This includes understanding the demands of the game and the physical fitness of players. We have to take these two elements into considerations for the nutrition requirements of a professional soccer player. .
             As the project emphasis is on nutrition, I will take the reader through some nutritional problems that the athlete faces based on a case study. I will calculate his daily energy requirements and comment on the nutritional adequacy of the athlete using the FOODWORKS program. I will than produce a one-day training diet to ensure that his energy requirements are met. .
             I will end my project by suggesting suitable pre and post-meals and snacks. I will also discuss the appropriate timing in consuming them.
             DEMANDS OF GAME.
             Soccer is a high intensity, intermittent activity that requires both strength and endurance over a period of 90 minutes with a 15 minutes half-time interval. It compromises of two teams each consisting of not more than eleven players, one of whom is the goalkeeper. Each team is allowed to substitute 3 players during a game. A top soccer player will cover approximately 6.8 miles during a match. Tackling, jumping, accelerating, turning, and even getting up from the ground will place further demands on him.

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