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             What it is- How it works- Side effects .
             Creatine Although some athletes have used drugs to enhance performance, most recognize the danger. However, to gain a competitive edge yet not jeopardize health, some athletes have sought nutritional supplements to enhance performance. There have been many popular supplements that have come and gone over the years, most proving to be ineffective. Creatine, however, has become the most popular nutritional supplement of the past decade. When this substance appeared, rumors were everywhere that it could improve performance. .
             Since then, numerous scientific research studies have shown that creatine ingestion can improve short-term strenuous exercise performance. The reason is that creatine exists in muscle as creatine phosphate, providing the high-energy phosphate necessary to restore adenosine triphosphate levels quickly. Adenosine Triphosphate is what is needed to supply energy for muscular contraction. The idea of creatine is that more creatine phosphate will be stored in muscle, and therefore there will be a greater capacity for the immediate energy production that a person needs for short bursts of activity. For creatine supplements to be beneficial, ingested creatine must be able to enter and be stored in muscles. Some may think, a nutritional supplement that has been scientifically documented to improve performance has been developed. Not only does it work, but also because creatine is a naturally occurring compound in food, athletes generally consider it to be safe. The human body contains more than 400 separate muscles totaling over one quarter of a billion distinct muscle cells. A normal male can store about 120 grams of Creatine in the body, almost all of it existing in the various muscles. Although individual muscle size varies.
             dramatically from person to person, muscle growth is highly related to the amount of use the.
             muscle receives. In general, the more a muscle is worked, the more it grows.

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