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             Many athletes do not think that taking a supplement will harm them. I began to take the sport supplement "Creatine." I lost body fat, and gained strength and muscle to my tall lanky frame. I thought I was on my way to being in the best shape with a muscular body. That sounds great, but that is not what happens. Despite gaining tremendous strength and muscle mass, Creatine should be banned, because of the serious medical problems and side effects.
             There are different types of supplements. Creatine monohydrate, generally known as creatine is a popularly used supplement. Creatine occurs naturally in muscles, but many athletes or body builders take it to increase their strength and size. While I was at the University of Missouri, the strength and conditioning coach put me on Creatine. After a month of taking the supplement I could see immediate results in my increase of strength and overall appearance. I gained 25 pounds within a two month period of lifting weights and taking the supplement. I dropped down to 7% body fat and added pure muscle to my 6'6" frame, while improving my bench and squats by 50 and 80 pounds respectively. On the baseball field I looked bigger, stronger and more intimidating to my opponents at the plate. Off the field I was more confident about my body and my future in baseball. .
             One of the most famous cases of sports supplements use was Mark McGwire. Mark McGwire, was "living on" creatine as he chased Babe Ruth's home run record in the summer of 2000. McGwire was also taking andro, and the combination of these two supplements probably helped him to achieve his goal of the home run record. Even the people using it know that it is wrong to take it. It gives them an unfair advantage over the people who care about their health and body and do not want to harm themselves on purpose. McGwire was furious when word leaked out last season he was using creatine.

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