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Freefall - The Jump

            Have you ever thought about jumping out of a plane? Throughout my whole life, I do not think there have been too many life changing events. But there has been one event recently that I believe has had a major impact for the future, when I went skydiving. On the twenty first of August in 2015, my mom, my brother and I went to a place called Skydive Adventure located in the small town of Omro near Oshkosh. When I woke up in the morning I had many mixed feelings. I was extremely pumped as well as nervous, since I am afraid of heights. The whole drive there, there was a bunch of talk about nerves as well as excitement. My mom was the one who was scared the most, she was both afraid of heights as well as afraid of the super slim possibility of losing one of her children. My brother on the other hand was not scared at all, he has been wanting to go skydiving since he was 15.
             Once we finally got there, after an hour of riding in the car, we had to fill out some paper work agreeing that we understand the risk and claiming that we will not sue them if anything tends to go wrong. We got there weighed ourselves and signed the papers, which made me think of all the possibilities that something could go wrong. We then had to wait another 20 minutes for the tandem skydive instructor to show up, but that was probably a good thing, it gave me time to calm down and reassure myself that it would all be okay. I needed to focus on the fun that I was about to have while I am also facing one of my fears. Once our instructor, JR, got there he assembled some of the harnesses and double checked all of the parachutes, while each of us had the option to pick out a jumpsuit if we wanted to. Obviously, I picked one out to get the full experience of skydiving, and it looked pretty cool too. He first walked through with us the steps that we had to do as we jumped out, while the plane was on the ground. He then strapped me to my harness and we started walking to the plane.

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