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Skydiving is a Great Sport

             Many people think that is a dangerous sport but it is not. Skydiving is perfectly safe! After thirty dives it hasn't killed me yet!.
             I have been skydiving for over a year now and all of my jumps have been flawless from beginning to end. There is nothing to it and there is no way to get hurt. I mean how can you get hurt packing up your parachute? There is no way. All you have to do is smash it up into a little ball and stuff it in your backpack. It is made completely out of cotton so it is very soft and gentle on your hands. Generally all of us serious skydivers wear goggles so our eyes are completely protected against anything that could hurt them. One might say that the goggles themselves may get broken and therefore leave you unprotected. That is not possible; all skydiving goggles are made out of solid titanium so they are indestructible. Once you have your parachute all packed up and your goggles in hand it is time to get in the airplane. .
             Airplanes are the safest means of travel know to mankind. There are hundreds of case studies that prove this point. They show that airplanes are forty percent safer than driving in a car. They also conclude that traveling via airplane is safer than simply walking down the street in Compton, CA. In the seventy-six years of its existence, there has never been a single airplane accident at my skydiving club. There is a real sense of comfort that comes with riding in an airplane because of the autopilot technology that is built in to every airplane. The take off and in-flight controls are completely handled by the autopilot so there is no room for human error. All you have to do in the plane is watch for the jumpmaster's signal. There is a handrail for all the skydivers to hold on to once the jumpmaster has given the signal to get up and come over to the jump door.
             The actual jump and freefall are by far the safest part of the whole skydiving adventure.

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