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            The coldness of the sport reiterates the feeling of winter, whatever season it may be. The winds roar and pelt everyone with freshly made snow. Everyone around is disclosed in fog, leaving voices as a guide. Some call this crazy, some say hell no, I say take it to extremes. Snowboarding is most definitely an extreme sport because of the danger and risks involved. What's better than these risks lingering in ones mind as they grind a rail or even catch an edge? That's pretty extreme.
             Rails are basically any skinny long surface to slide across on a snowboard. The most common is the hand rail. A handrail on a mountain can be shaped many ways with multiple kinks in them too. A "board park," which is the home to these rails has multiple styles such as a rainbow shaped rail, a basic step handrail, straight low rails, and they range in ability levels to multiple step rails with kinks that level out, and even rainbows that fluctuate as much as a roller coaster. Sliding down railings in school was always dangerous. Well imagine the dangers involved in standing up and going down that rail.
             There are many ways to go about grinding a rail. The most common is a 50/50 grind. That is executed with the board parallel to the rail. Another type of grind is the board slide, which one would execute with the board perpendicular to the rail. It is even possible to switch grinds all throughout a rail as well. To step it up a notch a 50/50 could be followed by a small hop and a rotation spin to land back on the rail. Spins could be anywhere from 180-540 degrees on a rail, up to 1080 degrees on a large jump. Catching an edge is when the board edges grabs hold of the snow during a turn or carve and causes the rider to fall quite abruptly. This is risky because any quick fall could result in many types of injuries.
             Injuries alone could steer anyone clear of trying this sport. On any given day ski patrol first aid stations at mountains will have a constant stream of people occupying them because Extreme sports have extreme injuries.

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