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The Psychopathic God: Adolph Hitler

             The Psychopathic God: Adolph Hitler.
             Waite's book, entitled, The Psychopathic God: Adolf Hitler, he delves deep into the mind of one of the world's most notorious and destructive rulers of all time. He examines his words, speeches, and behaviors and attempts to psychoanalyze the "Fuhrer" himself, Adolf Hitler. Waite uses traditional psychological data, from Freud and various other famous psychoanalysts, in order to find patterns and rationality in Hitler's behaviors.
             Hitler was definitely on of the most powerful rulers in history. He set many rigid standards upon the people of Germany, especially for art, music, medicine, and poetry. His ideas on how a nation should be were instantly made into law and anyone who opposed would be sentenced to death. Many were tortured, disembodied, and even quickly murdered by a gunshot to the head, or his favorite, decapitation. He was a man with extreme abilities to quickly learn his opponent's weaknesses and turn them into favorable conditions for himself and his position as ruler. Throughout many battles and wars, Hitler managed to create a proud and strong Germany, making clear in would have never happened without his brilliant tactics as a "Fuhrer". Until World War II, Hitler was considered, as Waite said, "one of the most outstanding figures in German history". (pg. 5) After this infamous war, Hitler, along with his numerous concentration camps, was considered and feared and ruthless being.
             When it came to Hitler's physical appearance, he did not seem to be the typical powerful ruler. He was about five feet, nine inches in stature and weighed only 150 pounds. His legs were particularly short and his feet were extremely large. He tended to drag his left foot and had a mustache that grew to only the width of his nose, to help conceal what he felt was an "offending feature" (pg. 20). His teeth were brownish-yellow and filled with cavities and fillings.

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