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            Who was Adolph Hitler? Adolph was born on April 2oth 1899 in Braunau-an-Inn a border town in upper Austrila . Hitler was not German he was Austrian(Beech) .His father Allies was a peasant, illegitimate she was the son of a peasant girl named Maria Schickigruber(ciest1). when her son was.Adolf s father married a Millers hand named Georg Hiedler in 1842 . When her son was five years old . his mother at the first time she was pregnant. Hans Frank, minister of justice under Hitler wrote in Nuremberg prison,after he had been sentenced to death.(kershaw1). .
             Hitler had instructed him to investigation 1930. The question of his fathers Paternity, following allegations that he had been half-Jewish. in 1885. When he was 48,Alois married Klara Polzl aged 25 granddaughter of Johnana Hiedler his stepuncle. this confession reveals at an early ago. Hitler's rigidity and lack of spirit of compromise. as a schoolboy he lacked according to his teachers, any powers of self-discipline and concentration. He was talented in some ways, but lazy and hostile to either reproof or advice. Hitler's school days were to an extra ordinary degree days of decision for him. German and the world . he would no doubt have become an architect had he done even the small amount of work needed to pass the certified ate of education.(Gleaned).
             But he failed to do even this allegedly out of defense of his father. the likely reason was that regular work of any kind repelled him. One thing was certain my obvious lack of successor school,he wrote later. It was a narrow egotistical attitude but it became habitual to Adolf Hitler only to studyor to inquire into things which he was in agreement. At first Hitler hardly knew what the political agreements were about. Adolf s hatred of the social democracy was one of the man main foundations of the politicalphlosopher Hitler uncoscusly had started to develop. He hated social democrats Marxists trade unionists puitamentary democracy and above all jews.

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