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Causes and Effects of Extreme Weather Events

            Extreme weather is defined as severe, usually unexpected hazards that are out of the ordinary. Floods, droughts heat waves and bush fires are examples of extreme weather. Too much or too little precipitation, change in temperature, or high pressure systems create hazards which affect people all over the world. Scientists say winter weather in the United Kingdom is growing more extreme which could be due to 'random fluctuations in the climate system'. The changes in air pressure over the North Atlantic Ocean has resulted in five out of the ten most extreme winters of the last century to occur in the past decade. This shows that the climate has become increasingly unsettled which has resulted in numerous accounts of extreme weather. These extreme winter weather events are mirrored throughout the summer months where there have been heat waves and droughts which are followed by flooding.
             Extreme weather is becoming more frequent and the view of scientists is that it is not possible to link any one particular extreme weather event to climate change. Despite the daze about what is causing extreme weather, it is clear that the planet is warming up and we are seeing severe weather all around the world. Records kept by the International Disaster Database indicate that the number of floods and windstorm disasters has increased significantly since the 1960s and these events are more intense, long-lasting and affect more people. Most climate models indicate an increase in the frequency and length of extreme events. Scientists use climate models to predict patterns of future heat waves. From the evidence of past events, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is confident that certain weather events will become more frequent, widespread and intense as climate changes.
             The 'National Geographic' say that extreme weather is caused by 'rotten luck and a warmer planet' in an article published August 20th 2012.

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