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Global Warming

            As each day passes Earth is experiencing more global warming, entire ecosystems are destroyed, several acres of the rainforest are wiped out, and pollution is causing harmful effects. Earth is slowly being destroyed, and if people aren't informed and actions are not taken now, humans will not have a place to live. .
             Human consumption of coal and oil and the successive rise of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere have brought about extraordinary and life-threatening global warming. The Earth is experiencing extreme weather events as a result of this warming. Such weather events are droughts, heat waves, and windstorms. Until the mid-1970s, the planet had been warming by one degree F per century-a rate at which most ecosystems can adapt. But for the last 20 years, Earth has instead been warming by four degrees F per century. The world has warmed enough over the past century to cause glaciers to retreat, and sea levels to rise. .
             Natural ecosystems appear to be the most vulnerable to the harmful effects of climate change. Alpine meadows, in the Rocky Mountains, are already constrained by climate, and are likely to face extreme stress and disappear entirely in some places. Global warming suggests the potential for forests to break up into an assortment of forests, savannas, and grasslands. Major adjustments to natural ecosystems due to climate change could have negative consequences for our economy, which depends in part on the continuous reward of our nation's lands, waters, and native plant and animal communities.
             Deforestation, particularly when caused by burning, releases carbon in the form of carbon dioxide contributing to global warming. One way of correcting carbon imbalance in the atmosphere is to fix carbon dioxide by growing trees. Another is by reducing the excessive use of fossil fuels. .
             Forests are a prime example of a natural resource: their produce can be used, allowed to regenerate, and used again and again, a process that can be repeated as long as the basic stock remains intact.

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