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Devastation of Agriculture and Food Supply in India

            Devastation of Agriculture and Food Supply in India.
             Climate change has been one of the most crucial environmental issues that many countries as well as humanity is facing. More essentially, the impact of climate change upon agriculture and the food supply are the most devastating effect for South Asia, including Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and more specifically India. Indeed, these countries are some of the most vulnerable nations due to the increasing temperature and rainfall in recent decades. However, India has been experiencing a more direct impact and major challenges as compared to other countries; chaotic weather conditions destroy the country's food supply and slow its economic growth (VIKAS BAJAJ, 2013).
             Since India has a huge population, it has been one of the most affected countries by the climate change. The agriculture and food crops have become impressible in the country because there have been abnormal weather conditions have started to occur due to this problem. Mostly this extreme weather presents itself as high temperature which causes drought, excessive precipitation that causes extreme floods, storms, and cyclones. These catastrophes and severe weather conditions have been affecting the economy ruthlessly and this is why India has become more vulnerable last decades (Somini Sengupta, n.d.).
             Here is a map that displays the whole country and where the climatic impact has been.
             Yellow: Drought Prone Area, Pink: Hot Desert, Green: Cold Desert, Blue: Flood Prone Area, Orange: Affected by Cyclone Storm (Theodore C. Sorensen, n.d.).
             According to the New York Times, floods are one of the most severe impacts that will continue to devastate crops in India. The enormous and endless floods did not only kill nearly 1,428 people and destroyed their houses, but it also inundated nearly 8, 000 square miles of their land in 2007. Monsoon season, which is the dominant rainfall event in India, normally provides 80% of annual rain from the months of June to September.

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