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Legalizing Steroids for Sport and Recreation

            There is a situation in society that continues to concern me and needs to be seriously be addressed. To me, the problem is that steroids are Illegal to use in sports and for recreation. Anabolic steroids have been a part of sports since their creation in the 1940's. How can something that has actual medical use be banned from a sports association. If you compare the health risks smoking cigarettes is multiple times worse, yet is still allowable by the Olympic committee, but not many people take part in it because they know of the health risks. Yet many people on the other hand use cutting edge technology to use anabolic steroids which have been proven to have legitimate health benefits and minimal side effects when used properly under the supervision of a doctor. Why, if the committee is trying to look out for the safety of athletes, would they not ban the smoking of cigarettes but make it illegal to use something of medical value. If you are going to ban one ban all of the harmful things, do not be finicky. If you can make the choice to harm yourself smoking cigarettes you should be able to make the choice to benefit yourself with anabolic steroids. With all the technology out today sports have turned into science experiments with so many different tests that they give athletes more feedback and find what minor differences make the athlete preform that much better. Every last position is analyzed and cutting edge technology measures how much power comes from the movements being performed. There are other things that give athletes major advantages like altitude training to increase blood flow and allow more oxygen to be absorbed while exercising. What is the difference in that and taking one little pill extra that could make much more noticeable differences? .
             There are reasons why we should be concerned with the fact that steroids are Illegal for Sports and recreation. Why should someone be evicted from the hall of fame just because of one miniscule thing that they did? Why should all of Barry Bonds accomplishments be stripped from him just because he chose to utilize his true potential and use anabolic steroids.

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