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             People have been debating the use of steroids for many years and the debate will go on for many more. Scientists, Sociologists, and other doctors have argued their reasons to make steroids legal and to keep steroids illegal. Some discussed the idea that steroids give athletes and unfair advantage when playing sports. Others have argued that steroids are unnatural and bring up moral issues. Some have debated the notion that if other athletes are using steroids that they have to use steroids to be on the same competition level as the other athletes. Each angle discussed is vital in obtaining the full understanding of the issue. Throughout the evaluation of both sides of the debate steroids should be made legal in competitive sports. .
             Anabolic Steroids were banned from Olympic competition just before the nineteen seventy six Olympics, but steroids were introduced to athletes years before the Montreal Olympics. In the nineteen eighty eight Seoul Olympics in Korea sprinter Ben Johnson and sprinter Carl Lewis were to run against each other in the one hundred meter dash. This was a much anticipated match up between the two. Ben Johnson was from Canada and Carl Lewis was from the United States. In the race Johnson won the Gold while Lewis brought home the silver. After the race Johnson had tested positive for anabolic steroid use. This event sent shock waves through the sports world. It brought up many questions about steroid use in competition. Johnson had to give back all the gold metals that he won during the Olympics, and in the one hundred meter dash the winner was Carl Lewis. He was Canada's national hero before this incident. This showed the world how athletes are willing to do anything to win. In the nineteen eighty eight Olympics Ben Johnson, a Canadian Olympic sprinter, was the first athlete caught testing positive for anabolic steroid use. During the Montreal Olympics Johnson won the Gold medal in the one-hundred meter dash and also broke the world record, which he had set.

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