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             An aggresive blast of muscle and power. An easy step to aquiring a massive physique, or perhaps a blessing in disguise? The symptoms above are a vague gateway into the shaded world of steroids. Anyone and everyone has heard about this drug or miracle supplement. However, more often then not you will hear the bias opinion of anti-drug tapes, governement officials, or the authorities. In the following paragraphs, you will explore much deeper into the world of steroids to discover what they truely are and what they can truely do to the human body. Growth expectations, side effects, and the science of steroids will all be broken down and reviewed in the following text to give you an informative and un-bias review on steroids.
             The growth expectaions from steroids vary. There are probably over 100 diferent types of products and brands that all offer different effects. Oral steroids, which are in pill form, are an excellent form of steroid for novices who have never taken steroids before. Dianabol, the most common type of steroid, can offer gains of 2-4 lbs. of muscle per week. More advanced oral steroids such as Anadrol can offer extreme gains of between 10 and 15 pounds in as little as 2 weeks! Aside from the side effects, water retention is the number one con towards oral steroids. What water retension means is that there is a large water build up in your muscles which make them stronger and larger then they actually are. What this can lead to is when you stop taking steroids, many of your gains will be lost because the water retention will fade. This can be minimized by taking an anti-estrogen such as Nolvadex while you take steroids and for many weeks after. Now if you were impressed by the muscle gains while learning about oral steroids, just wait till you hear this! The second and most effective form of steroid supplementation is by injecting the steroid directly into your blood or muscles.

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