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The World Trade Organization (WTO)

            The World Trade Organization, or the WTO, is a multinational organization that controls and deals with the rules of trade between countries. Their rules and documents are signed by the majority of all major countries' parliamentary or legislative branches, and govern how trade works between these countries. The WTO is not more beneficial than harmful to humanity and the environment because the system is corrupted by those who derive advantage from the suffering of others, does not conform to human rights, and only serves the interest of international large businesses.
             The WTO has several dispute panels that rule on which laws and policies are barriers to trade. These panels are bureaucracies, and are not decided by the people. The are made up of three leaders of trade or corporations, and are not scanned for conflicts of interest. While the World Trade Organization claims that their "paramount objective is to help trade flow smoothly, freely, fairly, and predictably" these panels provide no justification for their responses, and yet their policies impact all aspects of life. In the dolphin/tuna case filed by Mexico against the US, one of the panelists was in fact a member of a benefiting party and in turn the panel voted for Mexico. By voting on certain policies, they can make money and powerful partnerships through aiding the corporation of their choice or a benefactor. There is no incentive to vote out of the goodness of one's intentions vs. out pure greed. .
             In the past, the World Trade Organization has failed to address human rights violations that have been filed against them, and deeply ignores United Nation policy regarding such violation. While they claim that free trade and human rights go hand in hand, in fact it is quite the opposite. The WTO has actively supported countries that consistently violate international labor laws. The countries that adhere to these laws are heavily disadvantaged.

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