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Short Story - The Miracle

            A hot July day in Missouri is just a few degrees of humidity away from truly feeling like death. You aren't able to step onto your front porch to pick up the newspaper without coming back inside with a few beads of sweat on your brow. I was staying with my grandma and grandpa in St. James Missouri, a true southern cow-town with beautiful hay and cornfields for miles. Queen Anne's Lace and Black-Eyed Susans framed the old dirt roads with the beauty that comes with being a wild flower. Just a little house near the highway with a barn in the back and sunflowers that grew over six feet tall wrapped around the frame of the barn. This was bliss, and I only was able to enjoy it one week a year. I don't know about you, but there's something about Midwest sunsets and the sweet tune of your grandma humming George Jones as she dozes off to sleep holding the hand of your grandpa as he sits there and savors every moment. That's a snapshot I want to remember forever.
             It was an early morning when I woke up that day. Saturday morning cartoons, and the smell of bacon and eggs filled the house. Salt, butter, toast and preserves, can't forget the pepper, grandpa would it eat by itself if we'd let him! We held hands and said a prayer. We began eating and nodded our heads in appreciation to grandma for making breakfast. .
             "I can't take all the credit, Anree broke the eggs and didn't get one piece of shell in the bowl!" She boasted as she took a bite of toast. After we ate, grandma and grandpa wanted nothing more than to sit down and relax and let their food settle, but I wanted to play! Sometimes entertaining an eight year old little girl without her older brother can be quite the challenge. .
             "Can we go for a walk, please, please, please?" I pleaded with my well-rehearsed puppy face. .
             "It will be way too hot as soon as we step outside, you know that." Grandma replied as she did the dishes.
             "But the sun is being lazy today and isn't awake yet so we should go for a walk now so that way you won't melt into a pool of granny goop!" I replied with my biggest smile.

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