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Short Story - The Miracle of Life

            Utter silence fills the air as the life altering process begins. I stand surrounded by family and friends, yet I feel quite isolated. Although already filled with joy and excitement, nervousness fills me and sweat begins to trickle down my forehead. As the doctor slowly twists the door handle I begin to pace back and forth. He casually strolls into the room suited in scrubs and asks the girl lying on the bed, are you ready? She looks up, eyes as wide as a canyon and says boldly, "Yes." So the doctor equips her with and epidural and says; now it's time to wait. She lays there numb and almost lifeless and grabs me by the hands as I'm seated in the chair on her left. We sit there speechless and I slowly start to doze off. Before I know it I am awakened violently by the noise of two doctors stomping feet as they rush into the room. All the nervous feelings evaporate from my core, and I am blindsided by an extreme rush of adrenaline. As I start to fully regain consciousness I slide to the chair at the left of the bed shaking nervously behind my mom, and I can't begin to fathom the idea that my son is being born now. The doctor's first words after a long ten minute wait are, it's time. The young lady lying on the bed says, impatiently, "ok," and braces herself for the most painful experience of her life. She begins to push and her screams are drowned by the thoughts racing through my head. .
             After a short five minutes, I hear my mom say "she's crowning" and I know its close. I'm more nervous then ever now, and I begin to sweat profusely. As soon as the new born baby's head is fully breached his screams consume the air. As the shoulders slide out the rest of his miniscule body comes with it. I look around my mom and I see the baby, covered in blood, and think to myself "that's the most amazing human I have ever seen" and I stand up to get a closer look. The doctors quickly pick him up and suction out his tiny nose and mouth to clear his sinuses of blood and other various liquids.

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