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Ernest Hemingway

            Ernest Hemingway lived his life to the fullest.
             Since not many people traveled as much as Ernest, .
             Ernest shared his experiences in books. In "The Snows of Kilimanjaro", .
             "Hills like White Elephants", and "In Another Country", Ernest Hemingway .
             uses a great deal of dialogue to help the reader identify with the .
             characters in the story to show the reader how he perceives the situation .
             of his experiences.
             In Ernest Hemingway's short story, "In Another Country", a man is .
             shocked by reality when he hurt his leg in World War I. This short story .
             is primarily described with dialogue between the wounded man and other .
             injured patience in the hospital. .
             The short story takes place in Milan, Italy, in the middle of winter, .
             during World War I. The events in "In Another Country", that are .
             discussed relate to Ernest's experiences as a Red Cross ambulance driver. .
             One night when Ernest decided to work a longer shift in the trenches, .
             a bomb exploded right next to him. The only thing between Ernest and .
             the bomb was a soldier. Without even thinking, Ernest immediately begin .
             carrying the injured men out of the trench. While Ernest was carrying .
             a man, he was shot in the knee. .
             In "In Another Country" Ernest describes his experiences in the .
             hospital in Milan. Even though it is never said the narrator in the story is .
             obviously Ernest.
             The dialogue between the Italian major and the narrator of the story, .
             first is focused on the majors hand injury, and the machines that are .
             suppose to provide the miracle cure for the major's and the narrator's .
             injuries. .
             But what the reader quickly learns is that the major suffers not from .
             the injury of his hand, but the loss of his wife. The machines becomes .
             a hollow promise with unbelievable photographs with miracle cures, but .
             the message is the majors life is empty with the loss of his wife. In .
             the mitts of all the war and wounds, what really mattered to the major .

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