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Hemingway and Fitzgerald

            Throughout literary history, critics have discussed the greatest authors of all time. Lewis, Edgar Allen Poe, and Harper Lee are noteworthy to mention but so are F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway. Crowned as two of the most iconic American authors, Fitzgerald and Hemingway were rivals during the Roaring Twenties. Not only were they rivals, they were also friends and had the same circle of companions. Despite their rivalry in writing, they wrote about a similar theme: The American Dream. Both were extraordinary literary figures in American history, but who made the biggest impact? Even though Hemingway deserves to be noted as a man who opened critics' eyes to new ways of writing while incorporating his unique writing style and personal adventures into each of his stories, the work of Fitzgerald will never be forgotten. Every time one of his novels is re-examined there is more depth and beauty in them than there was at first glance. Fitzgerald's accomplishments will reign forever because whenever we think of early American literature, we refer back to him. .
             On September 24, 1896, Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald was born into a middle class family in St. Paul, Minnesota. He was raised knowing how to be a gentleman and also knowing that social status is important. His father soon lost a job when Fitzgerald was young, and that is when F. Scott decided he never wanted to be a failure like his father. Later in his school years, F. Scott realized he was good at writing and used it as a way to get students to like him. He yearned for social acceptance, which cultivated his ultimate goal to become rich and famous. The young author had a habit of falling in love with rich women. One of them told F. Scott, "poor boys don't marry rich girls." This saying would follow Fitzgerald wherever he went. When he met his future wife, Zelda Sayre, she refused to marry him until he became famous and rich.

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