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A Moveable Feast and Midnight in Paris

            "A Moveable Feast" and "A Midnight in Paris" are a comparison and contradistinction, for the fact that although they delve into the same focus and era, such as –literature, modernism, art, food and philosophy, the experiences and ideas in which a new perspective throws upon the old; is a generating and thought provoking concept which the comparisons between the eras is distinctly seen. Reframing these perceptions, are the texts of Ernest Hemingway and Woody Allen. Hemingway's context and purpose of his novel is a flowing mind scheme, in which his thoughts and actions were put into words. Paris, its people, places, art, and the startling culture of modernism was an accumulation of his memoirs, and he presented them in this particular way, so our grasp and familiarity of the place and time in Paris would not be lost. On the other hand, Allen spoke of the purpose and approach to the sense of reflexivity in texts, along with the contextualized traits of postmodernism and his desire to unmask the facade of film-making, along with the diversified intertextual references inserted to make his artistic pieces indelibly associated to wider cultural contexts. .
             Paris as a living and evolving being, exhibits its modernist views through the rapidly changing history of its life. Expounding from the collision of ideas derived from Romanticism, and an endeavour to explain knowledge that was yet unknown, came the beginning wave of works which marked the first decade of the twentieth century. While the authors of these works perceived themselves as extensions or augmentations of existing trends in art, they broke the founding concept with the public that artists were the representatives and interpreters of the standardized bourgeois philosophy and culture. Modernist markers in music, such as the introduction of an atonal ending in A. Schoenberg's Second String Quartet, expressionistic facets in the paintings of W.

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