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Ernest Hemmingway

            Who is Ernest Hemingway? That is a very easy question to answer. Ernest Hemingway was and still is one of the most prolific, influential, and successful writers of the 20th century. Hemingway was a man of great accomplishments who was known all throughout the world. He was respected for all the great pieces of work in which he wrote.
             Early on the morning of July 21, 1899, Ernest Miller Hemingway was born and from then on would lead a very successful life. Born in Oak Park, Illinois as the second child of six to Dr. Clarence and Grace Hall Hemingway. (www.lostgeneration.com)-(1) Oak Park was a very wealthy, upper-class area in which Hemingway would call a place of "wide lawns and narrow minds." (www.lostgeneration.com)-(1) Hemingway was raised to believe in the morals of "strong religion, hard work, physical fitness, and self-determination," (www.lostgeneration.com)-(1) and if these morals were achieved, you would live the life you choose. While growing up, his parents were a big part of his life. His father taught him to hunt and fish, and his mother taught him about music (although he had no desire for it). (www.lostgeneration.com)-(1) Hemingway received his schooling in the Oak Park Public School System where he was very involved. (www.lostgeneration.com)-(2) He participated on the football, swimming, water basketball, and track teams as well as working for the school paper called The Trapeze, where his writing career kicked off. After graduating in 1917, Hemingway took a job as a cub reporter for the Kansas City Star, instead of continuing his education to college. (www.lostgeneration.com)-(2) During that year, World War I started and Hemingway .
             tried to enlist, but was turned down because of a vision problem. Later on that year, he left his job as a cub reporter to become an ambulance driver for the war. (www.lostgeneration.com)-(3) After only a few weeks, Hemingway was severely injured by an Australian mortar shell.

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