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A Clean, Well-Lighted Place

             Ernest Hemmingway uses several types of styles of writing in A Clean, Well-Lighted Place. He created a short story, using only the minimum building blocks necessary to accomplish the job of telling a story. He uses simple diction, usually consisting of Anglo-Saxon, as opposed to the Latin origin. His sentence structure consists of simple sentences with no metaphors and similes. Hemmingway also is very repetitive about the events that take place through out this selection. .
             In this short story, Hemmingway is far from being complex. His story it straight to the point. The three characters do not even have names, yet the reader is very clear to the emotion of each character. All that happens is that the two waiters talk, the old man drinks, and then they all go home. Each line out of the entire selection is to the point, letting the reader be very aware of who is speaking with out really being told. When the young waiter said, I wouldn't want to be an old man. An old man is a nasty thing, it is quite clear he is the one speaking. Throughout the whole story it's clear the young bartender is impatient with the old mans behavior and it's obvious he would feel that way. .
             Also, Hemmingway uses the different types of languages to give the hint to the reader as to what kind of cultural environment the characters are in. The use of Latin words, such as when the bartender says "Our nada who art in nada, nada by thy name,"" leads the reader to believe they are in an urban type town that is very cultural. The .
             characters all speak English but are familiar with some Latin dialect. This adds some unique excitement to the story giving off a more delightful theme and atmosphere while reading.
             Finally, he also uses repetition to get his point across distinctly. Hemmingway repeats the young bartender's aggravation and impatience with him. An example of this is when the old bartender said "This is a clean and pleasant café-.

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