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A Clean, Well-Lighted Place

            The "Generation Gap" the relationship between the young and the old people. One would think that nothing could break the harmony between the parents and their children. The relationship between parents and children sometimes causes a conflict . A long time ago children used to follow the track of their parents. However, with the appearance of new technologies and the relationship between cities and countries, children get more free doing in choosing their own tracks in life which are different from those of their parents. For example, in the United State of America, family is most important and valuable . Parents try to provide all the necessary conditions for the safe and modern development of their kids. Both the parents and the system of education since early childhood develop independence in making decisions and their actions in the children .
             The story "A Clean, Well-Lighted Place", written by Ernest Hemingway shows the reader the problems between the young and old the generations. The story tells about an old man who sits in the cafe very late every night and drinks alcohol. The old man likes to sit outside the cafe rather than inside. He wants to have company; he tries to escape from loneliness. Maybe once he had family, but now he has only a niece who visits him quite seldom. He feels desperate and sad to stay alone in his apartment. The old man feels like a dead person, and helpless. The old man is only a subject, a passive figure; furthermore, he is the reason for the dialog between two waiters. In other words, there are two different attitudes toward the problem of old age: loneliness and communication between old and young people. The older waiter represents the older generation, and the younger waiter represents the younger generation.
             The older waiter is as lonely as the old man , they are in the same boat; that why older waiter understands the client's feelings like his own.

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