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The Battle at Troy

             The Trojan War which took place around 1200 BC. It was a war between the Greeks and the Trojans. It was fought over a beautiful woman named Helen, Queen of Sparta. Even the gods and goddess of Greek Mythology were involved in the Trojan War.
             The time period of war was the age of Homer, a great writer who wrote the Iliad, the story of the war, but he wasn't part of the battle. It was the age when they made lots of bronze things, especially armor. Warriors had a variety of armor made of bronze, wood, metals, etc. Their weapons were mostly swords and spears. However, it was the involvement of the gods that made this war so different and important to history. It still hasn't been proven whether the war really happened or not.
             The conflict started when Paris went to Sparta to make a peace treaty and saw Helen and took her back to Troy with him. Helen, though was married to Menelaus, King of Sparta. She had many suitors and her father made them all take an oath that they would protect whomever she chose for a husband if ever he was in trouble. She chose Menelaus. So when Paris took Helen, it was time for the other suitors to help Menelaus.
             Menelaus and the Greeks took two years to build the ships and then crossed the sea to the city of Troy, now part of northern modern day Turkey. Troy was on a hill and surrounded by a wall this was where the famous war took place. It has been said that the wall was made of stone and was sixteen feet thick. The King of Troy was Priam and the Queen, Hecuba. Some of the Trojans were: Paris, the prince of Troy, Hector, one of the greatest Trojan warriors, and Aeneas, brother of Hector, the excellent warrior so. Some Greeks were Ajax, a tall, strong Greek, Achilles, the best Greek warrior, Odysseus, the wisest of the Greek warriors, and Old Nestor, who was a great Greek warrior but now was too old, and only was an advisor. Townsmen, superior warriors, and gods of Greek mythology were all involved.

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