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No Work, All Play

             The 1920's was an explosive time period that greatly influenced American society. Many authors have attempted to recreate this disillusioned period after World War I; Ernest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald being extremely successful. Hemingway's masterpiece The Sun Also Rises and Fitzgerald's masterpiece The Great Gatsby reflect the 1920's perfectly; meaningless love affairs, endless parties, and the evolution of the female's role. .
             After World War I the people of the world faced what is now called the roaring 20's. The 1920's is referred to as the biggest, the loudest and the brightest; it began with one calamity, World War I, and ended with another calamity, World War II (Rayburn). The youth of this time period can be described easily with one word: rebellious. This was mostly a result of the disillusionment that was brought out due to the war. This generation is often referred to as the "Lost Generation."" There was more time to kill as the average work week went from 60 hours per week down to 48 hours per week. The workers wages were also increasing, providing more money for these young people to dispose of at their leisure. Greed is another word to describe this time era. People craved and then craved for more. The bar scene was lit up at this time as well. Due to Prohibition, young men and women were both engrossed in the pursuit and making of booze (Rayburn). The fact that alcohol was illegal, only made it that more exciting. Women were one of the most colossal changes of the 20's. Flappers were rampant during this time; dresses were now knee length, make-up was heavily, caked on, and hair was cut in a boyish, bobbed style. These flappers parted from the norm of ballroom dancing and waltzing, and became extremely scandalous in their dance style. The Charleston was one of these new appalling dances. Common of the women of this era was booze drinking and cigarette smoking.

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