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no sugar

            Jack Davis" No sugar, although a dramatic play, attempts to convey his experiences of European value systems, historical practices and social conditions by relating the effect these have had on Aboriginal culture. We the audience are led to feel a great sense of empathy towards the Aboriginal characters within the play, because even though they resist white arrogance and dominance and all that this brings with it, they ultimately fail. The harsh realities of this "loss of culture" shows No Sugar is a tragic play as there is no definite ending predicting the ongoing survival of Aboriginals within Western society.
             The Europeans are constantly seen to manipulate the Aboriginals for their own benefits, as white administrators and police implement racist policies through the government, continually treating Aboriginals with contempt. Racism as practised against Aborigines, has been defined as;.
             "Conscious or unconscious belief in the inherent superiority .
             of people whose descent is of European background, which .
             entitles all white people to a position of dominance or privilege .
             determined by racial origin." .
             Traditional Aboriginal society was self sufficient, and well adjusted to a great range of climates. Being dispossessed of their lands, the source of their self-sufficiency and stability caused poverty, ill health, exploitation and alcoholism, which colonisers cited as indicators of inferiority. As this cycle of cause and effect continued, colonisers passed and enforced more repressive laws. One of Davis" most outspoken characters in No sugar, is Jimmy Munday, the lone Aboriginal voice that is seen to constantly challenge white authority, using sarcasm as his outlet for the frustration he feels. .
             The plan to relocate Government well Aborigines expresses the racism in official ranks as the town wants to be devoid of all things Aboriginal (In its ploy to sway coming elections).

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