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Natural and Artificial Sweeteners

            In many restaurants, they serve Splenda and natural sugar side by side in the little white boxes as if they are equal to each other. Splenda is a fad that has been going on since the mid 2000's and is the most popular sugar-replacement substance that many people use in coffee, tea, soda drinks and many other desserts. Americans don't know how faulty the perfect white powder is. There are many side-effects that aren't worth the alternative option that include increased body weight, migraines, and questionable statistics by Splenda company. Although I acknowledge the fact that Splenda has less calories than natural sugar, I claim that Americans should only use natural sugar to sweeten foods and drinks because of the chemicals resulting in digestive problems, the benefits of being able to regulate blood sugar levels by consuming natural sugar in moderation, and the risks of consuming Splenda. .
             Americans should use only natural sugar to sweeten their food and drinks because Splenda is sucralose, a chemical that human bodies are not built to digest. Johnson & Johnson claims with their slogan that Splenda is "made from sugar so it tastes like sugar," which is a misleading. That is like saying that the ozone is as healthy as oxygen because O3 (ozone) is made from O2 (oxygen) In 2008, Abou-Donia, MB, produced a study of Splenda on male rats with an expert panel of doctors. They reported that "Splenda increased body weight and decreased beneficial intestinal bacteria " which they considered evidence that Splenda, also known as, sucralose interferes with the absorption of nutrients and drugs. According to Sweet Deception by Joseph Mercola, all disaccharides have two sugar units and one of them is always a unit of glucose. Splenda being a chlorinated disaccaride, therefore does not have the glucose unit. The human body needs a glucose unit in sugar to be able to turn the glucose into energy.

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