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Natural and Artifical Food Additives

            Everyday people go to the grocery store, but do they think about how the food they eat is actually good for them. That is not always the case. Many substances known as additives are being put in food to give it a certain "taste". Additives can soon become very unhealthy to many, causing health problems to. Things such as cancer, allergies, obesity, and diabetes are all types of issues that can originate from the use of additives (Gamble). All of these can cause long-term effects to the body. The body is a natural organism that expects natural foods to fuel it (Gamble). According to Diana Gamble, "Unnatural additives alter its natural balance by bombarding your body with foreign elements that it recognizes as toxins" (Gamble). .
             Not many people are aware of what is put in the food they eat every day. Food additives are beneficial because it prevents food from spoiling. Food additives are simply substances added to food (Food Additives). The FDA notes additives as a substance that affects the food in any kind of way (Food Additives). In World of Chemistry it is stated that "Food additives help preserve the freshness and appeal of food between manufacture and consumption" (Food Additives). It also states that "Additives may also improve nutritional value of foods and improve their taste, texture, consistency, or color" (Food Additives). For example, salt is one of the most commonly used food additives. Salts, herbs, and spices have been used to preserve meats and fish; they have also been added to improve the flavor of food for centuries (Food Additives). .
             According to Bill Freedman, "Food additives are substances added to food as flavorings, nutrients, preservatives, emulsifiers, or colorants" (Freedman). Flavorants are added to foods such as canned vegetables and frozen food meals. Salt is the most commonly used flavorant and is a critical nutrient to humans and animals (Freedman).

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