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Dependance on Computers

             When Jonh Atanasoff designed the first computer more than a half century ago, he could not imagine the huge influence on todays human society. Now we are so dependent on computers that we wonder what things would be like without them. You have only to walk into the bank when their main computer is broken to assess the situation if computers were suddenly removed all over the world.
             In the future technology will be so high, that Artifical Intelligence will be able to be created. Machines will have the ability to learn from their own experience and would be extremely efficient in problem solving tasks in science and technology. Maybe Artifical Intelligence will fiind the cure for incurable diseases and will even make new discoveries and inventions to the benefit of mankind. Unfortunatelly, another scenario is quite possible if Artifical Intelligence is "faulty" and begins a confrontation against the human race.
             Certainly, it will be hard to stop the development of technology and as it progresses, will become increasily complex. We should, however, ensure that we are still in a position where we are able to control the computer technology. Otherwise, one day "The Matrix" will be a reality for our children and we will recognise that we are controlled by machines. By then it might be too late. I strongly believe that is very important to be suspicious of the benefit that computers will bring and ensure that we will never become totally depended on a completely technological world.

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