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Computer Programmers

            Computer Programmers: The people who create the future.
             Computer Programmers: The people who create the future.
             After looking at careers the one that interested me the most is Computer Programming, and I have decided to make a living out of it. I have been interested in studying this since I was younger. Programmers usually invent new programs or rewrite and fix others, and this is why I want to become a Programmer. During this paper I will explain what programmers do, and what they use to complete the job. I will also talk about the working conditions, the expenses for college, their annual earnings, the job outlook, and the education required. Programmers have a very important job, they help create the future with new technologies so the things that we do in our everyday life become easier.
             Programmers can get the job almost straight out of High School, and after taking computer classes or a computer course, but if that's the case it will be harder to get a job. In high school, programmers should take business, management, marketing and technology, engineering (My Dream Explorer 2), mathematics, and computer science classes (Mois 1). The college expenses can go from 5,000 up to 20,000 a year (My Dream Explorer 1). "We call it computer engineering, it is one of the principal things that our colleges specialize in" (Hennessy 1). After 2 years in college they can get an Associate's degree, and after 4 years they get a Bachelor's degree. Programmers usually analyze problems of a program and solve it. They write steps for a program to follow, and they rewrite current programs.
             Usually, for a Computer Programmer, it will not be hard to find a job, experienced computer programmers have a better chance at getting the job. Computer programmers are in high demand, the job outlook is very good (Encyclopedia of Careers 112). The computers are included each time more in a daily life, and because of that each day there are more and more jobs.

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