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Humans and Computers

             Human and computers having been living together for a long time now.
             In both of these passages explain the different yet similar relationships that humans and .
             Machines have. The author in the first passage say that future of the world is a beautiful.
             Place where humans and machines live in a carefree world. The author in passage two,.
             The author descries the mechanical relationship between humans and machines. Passage.
             Two is the human controlling the machine, and using the machine has an aid. .
             In passage one, the author explains the future of humans and machines. The main .
             Idea for this passage is the world is a carefree place with no worries. This idea is .
             explained in this quote "Where we are free of our labors and joined back to nature.".
             The author is implying that humans once lived a carefree life with no worries.
             or responsibilities to worry about. The author also ties in machines to his writing. .
             The author says that machines will become one with nature. They will exist to .
             make our lives easier instead of hectic, they will be built to help us relax and enjoy.
             life. The author also goes on to say that humans and machines will coexist and live in the.
             world has equals. .
             In the second passage, the main idea is the future relationships between humans and.
             computers. The author tells a story of a computer programmer who is very lonely and.
             he is looking for someone o spend his life with. Instead of going out and meeting people.
             he uses his computer named Joe to do a world wide search for girls that meet his specific.
             requirements and that share his interests. In the passage we see humans using computers.
             for reasons other than work, here he is using the computer for his own personal use.
             In this passage we see the gap that separates machines and humans. When Joe asks.
             "What is true love", Milton said it is to abstract and continues on. There we see.
             that computers can only learn but so much.

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